Welcome to Whirl Works

Welcome to Whirl Works
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We are a group of aviation professionals with extensive experience in the field of helicopters and aircrafts. We also have specialized expertise of the sectors in which aerial platforms are used for airborne industrial and infrastructural use. Our mission is to provide a one stop for complete aerial solutions for technical jobs that require Helicopters and Airplanes as a platform.

Who We Are

  • First Aerial Works Company set up in India.
  • Run by aviation professionals with extensive flying aircraft maintenance and specialization in infrastructural sectors.
  • Top of the line pilots contracted for specific job from all over the world.
  • Company adheres to international aviation standard led down by EASA and FAA.
  • Latest technology and equipment along with the knowhow provided.
  • Honest, hardworking team of experts who know their job.

What We Do

  • Helicopters equipped adequately for specific roles
  • We have excellent contacts with aerial work companies and individuals from across the globe.
  • We have a ready pool of pilots, aircrafts engineers (AME’s) and technicians for industry specific jobs.
  • We provide specialist advice related to aerial efforts and airborne monitoring and data acquisition.
  • We provide regular charter service for helicopter and aircrafts for domestic and international business.

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