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Charter Service

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Whirl Works Aerial Pvt. Ltd. is actively involved in customized helicopters and Business Jets charter services. We have an extensive network with charter companies across India to provide you with helicopters and business jets charter requirements on a short notice.

Gone are the days when private air charter services, be it Helicopter charter services or the Business Jet charter services were considered to be the Ultra – luxury status symbols of Royal families and select Business Houses predominantly.

With globalization and rapid economic development, the Indian economy is now amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Economic growth is currently in the range of 5.4%-5.9%, second only to China. The new Government has initiated various measures to attract more foreign investments and remove bottlenecks in the infrastructure, thereby making it easier for businesses to operate and has been making efforts in opening up more sectors of the economy to foreign investment.

The real advantages of flying on a private charter plane are versatility, flexibility, convenience and efficiency. Flying by private charter also saves passengers the stress and frustration of going through those dreaded security lines, connecting flights and inconvenient flight timings. The aircraft waits if the passengers are late. And, once they’re on the aircraft, passengers have the liberty to choose when to eat and drink.

Flying private literally is private and confidential. The only people on board are those part of the corporate core team. The team can work uninterrupted or hold meetings if they need to and arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to work. This way they save time and get more work done. And are still left with time to visit multiple destinations in one day.

Similarly, the ability of helicopters to take off and land vertically, to hover, to fly forward, backward and laterally imparts a sense of versatility to them so they can be used extensively on varied fields, isolated and congested areas due to the ease and flexibility of the machine where fixed wing aircrafts cannot perform.
Private Helicopters and Business Jets have high usage in the western countries and this trend is greatly picking up in India as well owing to the booming economy.

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